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As my father always said 'what you put on your skin truly matters'. This knowledge turned into a soap obsession and love for the magic process of creating soap and natural skincare products. 

Our soap is handmade using a traditional process with only the finest natural ingredients. As quality takes time, each small batch is cured for up to six weeks. 


All our products are traditionally handmade in Australia, free of palm oil, sulphates, parabens, detergents, artificial fragrances and fillers. Our soaps are moisturising on sensitive and dry skin, so you feel cared for just like nature intended. 


We have made it our mission to create products of high quality that cover modern needs. Those who want to know exactly what is used in our products, where it comes from and under which conditions it was produced. 


We are here to make you feel naturally beautiful, because what you put on your skin matters for you as well as for our planet.  


With love,

The Mosman Soap Company, a small business located in Sydney, Australia. 

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